TWINKLESTARS is our performance training program for 4 - 6 years old.  

This holistic program introduces pre-schoolers the basics of performance through fun, songs and dance. The learners develop coordination skills, music appreciation, proper vocal production and expressiveness.



Deliverables :  

On completion of this program our TWINKLESTARS learners will be able  to:  

  • Self introduce with confidence to an audience  

  • Sing with musicality with a group in front of an audience  

  • Dance with coordinated movement and rhythm with a group  in front of an audience  

  • Perform with expression  

  • Perform confidently on stage to an audience  

  • Acquire Young Performer Certificates from Trinity College  


Students to attend at least 90% of  a semester  to be able to  be perform and be part of the Trinity YPC certification.