STARS Performance Training is a triple-threat program developing the art of performing combining 3 skills: Singing, Dancing and Acting.


Catering to different age group, our performance training is holistic, developing craft, personality and mindset. There are opportunities for stage and screen performances. The content includes both pop and musical theatre genre developing versatility in styles.

The syllabus structure of Stars Performance Training program will consist of training in two aspects : 

Technique - Singing, Acting and Dance 

  • Singing

  • Acting through song

  • Dance 

  • Build the right foundation in vocal production and aural skills. The objective is to sing in pitch, produce good tonal quality, and sustain proper breath control. 

  • Acting : Students learn about the story, situation, characters, characters’ objectives and purpose and stage movements 

  • The students will learn creative and jazz movements as a foundation for dance. Motor skills and dance vocabulary are developed here in a fun way.  


Performance Training 

  • Repertoire development 

  • Personality and Showmanship Development ( Confidence training )  : the X factor 

  • Choreography and movement

  • Stage craft

  • Rehearsals and Practice

  • Presentation

  • Repertoire development : learning the songs and meanings, stories.

  • Personality and Showmanship Development : is the key ingredient of performance training that makes our program unique. Showmanship exercises are conducted to build confidence and personality ,the  essence of this program. Champion Mindset will be inculcated where students will learn to manage stage fright and setbacks; develop star personalities and encouraged to be original.

  • Choreography and movement  : This segment puts the dance moves and stage blockings into practice with the songs they are singing. Learning to work in a team, synchronisation and spatial awareness is the key learning points in this segment.

  • Stagecraft teaches terminology, Mic Technique, backstage decorum and  professional etiquette

  • Lessons will consist of preparation for the presentation, putting together singing, acting through song, blocking and choreography

  • Presentations are the outcomes of the rehearsals in the form of a show, recital or auditions. 


  • To develop singing, acting and dancing skills required for performances

  • To increase opportunities for performance works

  • To develop collaborative skills


On completion of this program our STARS learners will be able to: 

  • Sing in front of an audience

  • Dance in front of an audience

  • Act in front of an audience

  • Perform confidently on stage to an audience

  • Appreciate and understand the process of performing for an audience



  • Stellar Concert (Mid-Year) 

  • Academie Awards (Year-End) 


Enrollment for Stars is by per term ( every 10 weeks)


DURATION : 2-hour session per week