This is a performance-based program that students learn the craft of acting through song. Learn how to use music: singing and movement for storytelling and theatrical expression.  

Syllabus includes singing technique, acting, movement and knowledge of the musical with analysis of script for subtext, characterization, situation and conflicts. The students will also learn theatre vocabulary with stage directions to present the performance of the piece.


AGE: 8 years old and above



  • Develop confidence

  • Develop foundation in vocal production in song

  • Develop naturalism and convincing characterization

  • Develop the art of storytelling through dance and movement

  • Develop the art of storytelling through singing

  • Develop understanding of emotion and delivery through expressions

  • Acquire knowledge of musicals

  • Develop social skills and teamwork through rehearsals and collaborations

Deliverables :

Stage Performances : Actors’ Showcase
Musical Theatre Graded Certification from Trinity College

Level 1: Foundation    TRINITY COLLEGE  Grade 1-3 

Level 2: Intermediate  TRINITY COLLEGE  : Grade 4 -5 

Level 3: Advance           TRINITY COLLEGE  Grade 6 - 8
(UCAS points Award FOR UK University)

Curriculum Overview   

  • Voice production

  • Speech techniques

  • Characterization

  • Role analysis

  • Stage movement

  • Physical

  • Improvisation

  • Scene Study

  • Monologues

  • 2-3 persons scenes

  • Audition skills

  • Making slates / audition reels