ACTING for Young Actors

7 yrs & above  / Group Class
21 - 23 classes per semester / 1 hr per class



Improves a child's public speaking skill
Improves a child's confidence
Develops memorization
Improves professionalism
Nurtures Empathy
Develops  good listening skills 

Develops teamwork mentality

Nurtures creativity  

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ONLINE LEARNING of Acting focuses on the finer skills required of acting.  

Without the distraction of space and the physical movement of the actor, one can develop other essential methods


Understanding and analysis of character
Understanding and analysis of  situation
Understanding and practice of facial expressions and nuances
Script Study encompassing audience perspective , role of characters, historical and writer’s intentions

Practise modulations

Finer execution of diction and accents

Easy online references of other works and actors



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Parts of the face and the meanings in the facial movement
Building Characters : Physical Traits and background story
Who? When ?  Where ? What ?  Why? 
In depth study of Understanding Objectives and Purposes : Case studies of famous (animated) characters
Emotions and Expression 
Analysis of a monologue  : character’s objectives , emotions and modulations
Practice  : Monologues / Play  - Reading and virtual performance



Understanding the rules of improvisation

Quick response, focus  exercises

Using starter lines 

From developing monologues to three player situations 

Understanding objectives and obstacles 

Facing Opposites in personalities

Opening and closing lines 


After 8 hours of online lessons, the student is encouraged to join our physical classes in the studio . Here we will pursue the other aspects of acting

  • Spatial awareness 

  • Movement based on Purpose, Emotion ,Physical traits and personality 

  • Staging and blocking 

  • Using props

  • Improvisation using body and space

  • A black box performance 

ACTING - Being IN Character


 11  - 13 yrs old / Group Class / 4 sessions / Online 
Max 6 per class / 1 hr per class



A monologue is a one character script where the person is in a situation speaking to another imaginary subject or to oneself with thoughts aloud. In this class, we will break down the monologue to understand who the character is , what situation he is in, when is this happening, where is it happening and what his objective is. The student will deliver a monologue online with conviction at the end of the course. ​


  1. Teach basic Acting technique ​

  2. Build confidence ​

  3. Improve public speaking skills ​

  4. Nurture empathy for character ​


  1. Students understand the context and the story ​

  2. Students understand the  situation and characters’ purpose and emotions​

  3. Students learn to analyse a monologue : who, when , what , where and why​

  4. Students are able to deliver a monologue with correct facial and tonal expressions. ​