Creative Writing - This module is for students who want to open their eyes to new ways of seeing and perceiving things and expressing their thoughts powerfully in writing. Being able to write creatively and concisely is crucial in a world that now rewards good  communication in so many ways (better schools, job prospects and careers).
Your child will learn and practice strategies that will allow him or her to excel in expressing thoughts that are intelligent, logical, entertaining and memorable. 


7 & above / Group Class / 21 - 23 classes per semester / 1.5 hour per class
New class starts July 3rd 4.30-6pm

Creative Writing Academie of Stars


  • Students seeking to improve essay and writing skills

  • Students who want to practice lateral and creative thinking

  • Students who want to learn proper communication skills for future opportunities

Creative writing workshops



  • Seeing the world through different eyes

  • Expressing your thoughts uniquely

  • A more creative approach to essay writing

  • Selling an idea – basic creative copy writing

  • Writing persuasive letters

  • Writing moving and memorable scripts and speeches