Play Reading 
A Crazy Fairy Tale

7  - 12 yrs old / Group Class / 3 sessions  
Max 7 per class / 1 hr per class



In this program, the students are given a script to read with several well known characters like Little Red Riding hood, Snow white, Spiderman, Wolf . These characters’s stories are interwoven and mashed up ,making the narrator’s job really confusing and difficult. Each student will be assigned a role to portray in the reading. ​


  1. Develop basic Acting and story telling technique ​

  2. Learn modulation of expressions​

  3. Develop better speaking technique ​


  1. Students understand the meaning of the words, the context and the story ​

  2. Students understand the  situation and characters’ purpose and emotions​

  3. Students will be able to read with emotion and correct diction and vocal expression ​