Virtual Choir



Many virtual choir sprung up when all of us were forced to stay home due to the circuit breaker. All it takes is for you to know how to sing, sync with the music and video yourself. We will do the rest of the magic and you can see yourself as part of a choir that you can be proud of. ​


  1. Teach basic singing technique ​

  2. To teach a song online with parts ​

  3. To produce singers in split screen performing in a virtual choir ​


  1. Students are able to sing a melody in relatively good pitch and  rhythm ​

  2. Students learn how to be a part of virtual choir ​

  3. Students will record and video their performance ​

  4. Students appear in a virtual choir video. ​

  6 - 16 yrs old / Group Class / 3 sessions / Online 
Max 20 per class / 1 hr per class