Music, Dance, Drama, Musical Theater, Communications, DSA Preparation, Film-making



Stars “ ( Prep) is a training program for preschoolers to introduce them to performance through speech, drama, songs and dance . There are two components in this preschool performance training program :

  1. Talk Show :  60 minutes
  2. Song and Dance Performance : 60 minutes

​Talk Show ( Preparatory ) teaches communication skills through speech and drama.

This program consists of :

  1. Technique of Communication
  2. Content
  3. Performance Projects ​

In Song and Dance Performance, the students will develop performance  repertoire and develop skills in:

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Stage Presentation

There are three levels for Stars (Prep) program which will lead to gradings:

Stars Prep 1 : 4 years old

Talk Show : LAMDA Introductory 1

Dance : Pre Jazz Beginners


Stars Prep 2 : 5 years old

Talk Show : LAMDA Introductory 2

Dance :  Pre Jazz Foundation 1



Stars Prep 3: 6 Years old  

Talk Show : LAMDA Introductory 3

Dance : Pre Jazz Foundation 2


All examinations are optional . Dance will be based on CSTD syllabus . Preparation classes for dance exams are additional to the Stars (Prep ) program.



  1. Develop confidence
  2. Develop Triple threat skills : sing , dance and act
  3. Develop foundation in vocal production in speech and singing
  4. Develop expressiveness in presentation
  5. Develop appropriate repertoire for performances
  6. Present performances on stage
  7. Obtain certification from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts


  1. Students will be confident performers on stage
  2. Students will be able to sing, dance and act
  3. Students will be able to perform speaking words and host on stage
  4. Students will obtain certification from LAMDA


120 minutes / once a week 
20 sessions per semester


T 1: Parents’ Preview

T2 : Musical theatre Exams/ Showcase

T3 : Annual Concert

T4 : Dance Exams / Showcase